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The 2018 USS Strike: Negotiations

A selection of content from the 'Great University Strike of 2018'

Consultative ballot result - Message from UCU on 13.04.18

"The result of the members consultation on accepting the latest proposal on ending the dispute from the employers was as follows:

Total balloted: 53,415
Total votes cast: 33,973
Total number valid votes: 33,913
Turnout: 63.5%

Yes to accept the UUK offer 21,683 (64%)
No to reject the UUK offer 12,230 (36%)

In line with the decision of members all current and future industrial action is suspended but the union will keep the legal strike mandate live until the agreement between UCU and UUK is noted by USS."

USS Members' Views

UCU Ballot opens on 4th April 12:00 (until 13th April 14:00)

On rejecting the 23rd March offer #RejectUUKDeal

On accepting the 23rd March offer #AcceptUUKDeal

It has been difficult to capture the #AcceptUSSDeal posts on social media due to the lack of unifying hashtag but also because the 'no' group appear to have a stronger voice which may put off some members from openly voicing their opinions.  There has been talk of a 'silent majority' who are not on Twitter or on social media.  Their voice is difficult to capture unless one considers the number of abstentions at branch meetings but this assumes they attend the meetings. So far, those that have either voiced their uncertainty or confirmed their intention to vote yes are few in number: Adam Errington has attempted to create a flowchart of the potential possibilities of the no/yes vote; Jeanette Findlay and Patricia Findlay have outlined their reasons; and Amanda Williams has written about why she has voted yes - see links for these below.