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The 2018 USS Strike: Student Support

A selection of content from the 'Great University Strike of 2018'

Against the Slow Cancellation of the Future

Key Findings of the YouGov Poll 13th - 20th February 2018

Key findings include:

  • Overall, three-fifths of students (61%) said they supported the strikes
  • Support was stronger in universities affected by the strikes (66% from students in striking universities compared with 58% from those in non-striking universities)
  • Half of students (50%) blamed the university employers for the dispute that is leading to strike action
  • Just 2% of students said they blamed university staff for the strikes. One in five (20%) said staff and universities were equally to blame
  • Only one in 20 (5%) said they disagreed with calls for both sides to return to the negotiating table

Students Supporting the #USSStrike

A significant number of students (61% according to the YouGov poll) are supporting the #USSStrike - and only 2% think the lecturers are at fault.  Some of them have shared their thoughts in this video. Others have occupied universities to voice their dissatisfaction and to encourage a quicker resolution to the dispute.

Tweets from occupied groups